Chapter 9. The Fanum House Conspiracy

The view of Basingstoke from the ruins of Basing House. A seemingly peacful scene, but the monolithic structure of Fanum House is placed on one of the most powerful Ley-Lines in England. Invisibly it stretches it's evil tentacles of power up and down the country. If this building could be destroyed it would shake the grip of a race star creatures that has farmed mankind from the earliest of times and herald the new age dawn that libertarians have dreamed of for many thousand of years.

Lording over the modern Basingstoke is a phallic symbol of outlandish proportions, Fanum house, headquarters of that organization of control freaks known as the Automobile Association or AA. Similar to its American namesake in its puritannical crusade against alcohol, The Automobile Association uses this building to monitor all of Britain roads as part of their crusade to make driving as boring an experience as possible. Fanum House is the tallest structure between London and New York and, as befits its unique geographical status, is used for a multitude of other purposes. Inside it appears to be fairly typical office block, although one is constantly forced to wonder at the otherworldly archicticture. Although the similarities are subtle, it often remindes me of the twisted, sensual drawings of H.R. Geiger designer of the 'Alien' Movie. Inside, worker drones go about the daily business of customer service. Nothing unusual in this, except perhaps for the Public Relations department who seem to have a perverse desire to involve Esther Rantzen in all their activities. Seriously, they seem to be continually trying to get her on the phone to either endorse a product, launch an event, or run a series of consumer articles on how dangereous everything is if the AA aren't involved in it.

Who knows, what the quieter members of this organization are up to? Who has seen the faces of the managing directors? Are they really the bloated, gelatinous creatures we imagine them to be? Swollen and sweating in an artificial alien atmosphere, coccooned in the un-penetrable upper reaches of this dark tor. And what of the real purpose of the satellite dishes, arials and conning towers that crowd its windswept summit? What secret data do they send and receive throughout the land. Of course only the truly naive would think that all this hardware existed only to prevent vulnerable soccer mums from waiting too long alone in their cars at night after a breakdown. The AA propegates the myth that England's streets are a frightening and unsafe place for a lone woman to be at night - a fiendish yet effective screen for its more sinister activities.

Recent investigations have indicated that the AA provides this facade to justify the existance of what most of the available evidence points to as being the UFO technology that was stolen from the US military by the British Government in a covert operation shortly after the Roswell incident. Why else would the government of a nation as self-congratulatory and as boastful as the United States deny the existance of such technology if they did indeed have it? Everyones knows that if they did have it they'd be making damn sure everyone knew about.

I have spoken to a man who claims that there is a square mile of bunker beneath Fanum House and Basing View. He is a medical doctor, at the top of his profession. He says he is on a select list of those chosen to be sheltered down there in the event of all-out global thermo-nuclear war. However, it's a virtual certainty that the true purpose of these bunkers is to shelter our alien masters during the holocaust that they plan to unleash when they return to reclaim this planet as their own. Those that are called down into the bunkers will doubtless be either those the aliens wish to use as part of the next stage of their genetic experiments, or even worse, those of us whose brains they wish to drink as food.


Chapter 10. A Whole New Way Of Life


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