A fast-paced, magical chase game for 2-6 Players

The kingdom of Legitimant is in turmoil. The old king has died, leaving no legitimate heir... He has, however, left several illegitimate ones.

Since you were an infant, your mother has told you of the royal blood that runs in your veins. Now the time has come for you and your trusty animal sidekick to set out on an epic quest to fulfil your destiny and claim the throne that is your birthright.

Whether you choose to follow a path of righteousness or use every dirty trick in the book, you’ll need nerve, cunning and just a little luck as you assemble an assortment of strange creatures and magical objects to out-manouver and overpower your rivals and prove that you are, indeed, the one true heir of Legitimacy!

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Fast Paced • Random Kingdom • Funny Artwork • Fun for both kids and adults



• 7 Gameboard Tiles
• 67 Cards w/backs
• 2 six-sided dice
• 6 pawns
• 1 Full Color Rulebook (8 pages)

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This is a very fun game which works rather well. Legitimacy is much more varied and interesting and certainly more fun than any of the other roll and move fantasy boardgames I have played. It doesn't take too long to play either. The game is nice to look at as the artwork is excellent and fun. The system is clear, simple and moves along. A good buy.

---Boardgames in Blighty Blog, UK

Legitimacy is fast flowing due to the simplicity, and the combat and magic systems are easy to resolve. I really liked the system. Overall an interesting and fun game.

--Richard Hardy, Scimitar Wargames

A great game with stunning components. I really enjoy the game and my kids (age 10 and 11) can't get enough of it. It's a lighthearted game that we have played many times, often consecutively. The game is a laugh factory and using the less obvious choices for characters allow adults to play against younger players without having to hold back too much.

--Doug Glisson, Alberta, Canada

This is a light game with comical artwork that is fun to play with the family. It's length is just right for the complexity and it generates a lot of table chat and FUN!

-- Felbrigg's Gaming Blog

The game description fit what I was looking for to a T. Adventure game with a short play time, easy play and humor qualities. The cartoonish art work makes for a light hearted approach to the game, with lots of laughing.

--Tom S, Houston, Texas

I love this game. The gameplay is like a simple and fast version of Talisman. Unlike Talisman, Legitimacy ends when it feels like it should and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Great art!

--Jason S, Fairview, Oregon

This is a great game to play with the family. Kids will love it, the artwork is fantastic (I could spend an hour just exploring the boards!), and the gameplay is interesting enough to keep adults happy.

-- Nick H, Los Angeles, California

Clever and fun... Legitimacy is the type of game we will bring out to play with friends who can't stand the thought of building up a food engine, and social games definitely mesh better with social drinking than Agricola ever will.

-- Elizabeth B., Ohio

Enjoyable alternative to Talisman and Munchkin. Faster than both. Easier to play too. Fun artwork great theming. A winner overall and a definite preference to Talisman, Prophecy and Munchkin.

--Mark R, West Sussex, UK

Nice little game. Fun and easy to play with the family.

--Michael R, Three Rivers, Michigan


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Price: $39.99
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