History of Urf

According to the Goddess Hornbag

The first great civilization of humankind on planet Urf was obliterated when their great capital Atlantis became buried under a mile of ice after a displacement of the planetary crust. After that it took humankind almost another 100,000 years to reassert themselves and when they did it was a shabby, short-lived and disorganized affair. This second dawn was marked by the building of the three great pyramids at Giza but It took a full seven thousand more years after that before they were even capable a sustaining a basic internet. Following this, however, their technology did begin to develop more rapidly and it wasn’t long before the necessary brain implants were introduced to again link human minds together.

Following this, war eventually became a thing of the past. Governments were disbanded and the running of the planet was left in the hands of the corporations. The division between rich and poor continued to increase, but on the whole people were content to live in this state of peaceful anarchy. As nations dissolved and distances shortened, humankind became increasingly homogenized in a world undivided by race but also lacking in any cultural or moral boundaries.

In its boredom, humankind now began to use radiation to manipulate their own DNA. designer babies and cloning became commonplace. The same techniques were used on plants and animals to improve every aspect of life. Of course this tinkering resulted in an increasing rate of genetic mutation requiring even greater intervention on the part of man; a vicious cycle that rapidly spiraled out of control.

Pollution got steadily worse, market forces alone proved insufficient to turn the economy away from its dependence on oil. By the time the environment had deteriorated enough to provide a significant impetus for change it was far too late to do anything much about it. Infertility and extinction began to rise at an exponential rate. the fragile balance of life had been tipped and the planet rapidly deteriorated into a toxic wasteland.

Civilization gradually regressed as once more nations rose based on geographical boundaries. Fighting broke out as each blamed the other for the mess, the ultimate inevitable result being a chemical nuclear war that literally blew the globe apart. somehow, some way, some human and animal life did remain on the ravaged planet’s surface. These vestiges of humanity were split into tiny isolated pockets.

Over the next several thousand years most of these groups descended into an animal-like state of existence. This, coupled with the already high rate of mutation made even worse by high levels of radiation, eventually led to humankind’s evolution into many new and different species.

Meanwhile the wealthiest elite who had anticipated the catastrophe in ample time had retreated into vast private bunkers below ground where they planned to remain until they could reclaim the surface - for many generations if necessary. It didn't work, they soon fell into a state of extreme decadence, becoming increasingly reliant on their highly developed technology. It was only a few hundred years before they found they could only reproduce through cloning. Much later, continuing scientific experimentation upon their own bodies and the evolution of cybernetics lead them to become little more than interconnected brains encased in metal and plastic. Eventually they lost any will to retain humanoid form at all, merging into one great machine mind. It is out of the fevered dreams of this bio-mechanical collective unconscious that the gods began to take shape, as distorted yet corporeal representations of human archetypes, somehow much much greater than the gibbering lump of cerebellum that had created them.

Perhaps humankind had created the gods out of desperate necessity, or maybe they are something older still, a species that had once created humans as vessels to house themselves from which they were now free. Even they do not know. What that did know was that it was somehow down to them to redeem the human race.

So they created machines to return to the planet’s surface and begin the reconstruction process. Thus the third great civilization of mankind began .

The robots led the many new species of humankind up from the brink of oblivion, nursing them back into various states of sentience and, over many tens of thousands of years, into a new golden age.

Peace and harmony reigned for so many millennia that a quiet complacency took hold and so it was when, at the peak of their power they developed the solar harness. it was a device intended to provide a permanent and almost inexhaustible supply of energy from the nuclear reactions of the sun itself. It was a glorious achievement but fatally flawed. The reactor was designed to last as long as the sun itself, but once in place it would be impossible to remove. it had been functioning for several thousand years before the gods realized that it was causing power to drain from the star at an exponential rate. reducing its remaining lifespan to a few hundred thousand years. Now there was only one thing to do if they were to avoid ultimate extinction in the void of space, they had to move to another star!


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