Spirekassle City Overview

The City State of Spirekassle is nestled in the northern reaches of the largely enlightened Midworld Autocracy. This chaotic town is perched over a bottomless abyss, believed to be the edge of the world. Dividing Spirekassle is the Vulgar River, which flows out into the Midworld sea. [Click here for a map of the Midworld Sea and surrounding countries]

Spirekassle is home to all manner of strange creatures, including gnomes, cyclops, goblins, kobolds, dwarves, cyborgs and the occasional human. To explore the city in detail, click here or on the above image to see a large-scale clickable map. The city of Spirekassle represents the outermost extent of the civilized world, beyond it lie the orc-infested Scraper Mountains. It is a city that straddles the border of law and chaos, and thrives on the trade this interaction produces.

Government & Politics:

Spirekassle is officially an Anarcho-Capitalist Commune and basically this means that nobody is in charge. However, it is well known that Cuthpert Codpeace as the city's wealthiest merchant is surely the guy who runs the show. Known for his unscrupulous and often ruthless business practices, Cuthpert is not exactly an evil man, just a capitalist... and somewhat of an elitist snob. He does however ensure the smooth running of the city, it's prosperity and the freedom of it's citizens. He appreciates that having no government allows him to conduct his business however he chooses, and in as profitable fashion as he can. Cuthpert also knows that citizens who are free to choose their own destinyare more likely to invest their hard earned cash in one of his divers and often highly irregular enterprises. Thus Cuthpert maintains the city's bureaucracy, and ensures it's police force is properly funded. Cutty also presides over a more-or-less token criminal justice system. The bulk of the court's other work is in civil and corporate litigation, altogether a far more profitable area of the law.

It's is thanks to Codpeace's tireless efforts that the warrior's guild does not run the city, or worse elect their guild president God-emperor or some other equally silly and sel-important title. The leader of the warriors is usually the most powerful bully in town. Currently a mighty warlord named Genghis C'arnt presides at The Citadel, and rumors often circulate that a military coup could indeed be in the works.

The third main power in the city is that of Huge Heiffer, proprietor of the Pleasure Palace which sits atop Spirekassles most south-westerly protuberance. Portrayed in his promotional literature as a jovial lover of fun and frolics, The Heffer is in fact a far more insidious figure, a powerful Minotaur - servant of some dark lord. It is Heiffer who presides over Spirekassle's underworld, most of the city's vice can be traced back to him with little difficulty. However his activities are profitable, his businesses generate plenty of wealth for the city, and he seems to have no ambition to assume a more overt role in governing the city, also tending to support Spirekassle's non-governmental status.

The wizards who have a very large presence here in the city, or rather floating several hundred yards just outside it, would like to claim that they also have a stake in the power structure here, but no-one pays much attention to the wizards - and frankly they don't pay much attention to anyone else.

As for the clerics, well, who knows what planet they are on?

Of course, technically Spirekassle is subject to the authority of the Supreme Autocrat in Trader City, but the Autocracy certainly can't be bothered (or afford) to waste the time and effort to do anything like send troops to enforce law and order in the peculiarly situated and rather unorthodox town - despite the constant nagging of the High Council of Prantem, who are always lobbying for something to be done about their unruly northern neighbor.


Basic Information:

Community Size (Adults): 7072
Community Size (non-adult): 1414

Total Community Wealth: £ 5304000

Full-time Guards: 70
Community Milita: 353NPC :
Class Number(Level) Total
Barbarians: 2(7), 4(3), 8(1) 14
Bards: 2(7), 4(3), 8(1) 14
Clerics: 2(10), 4(5), 8(2), 16(1) 30
Druids: 1(11), 2(5), 4(2), 6(1) 13
Fighters: 2(13), 4(6), 8(3), 16(1) 30
Monks: 2(8), 4(4), 8(2), 16(1) 30
Paladins: 2(9), 4(4), 8(2), 16(1) 30
Rangers: 2(7), 4(3), 8(1) 14
Rogues: 2(10), 4(5), 8(2), 16(1) 30
Sorcerers: 1(15), 4(9), 8(4), 12(2), 35(1) 60
Wizards: 2(9), 4(4), 8(2), 16(1) 30
Adepts: (9), 4(4), 8(2) 14
Aristocrats: 2(10), 4(5), 8(2) 14
Commoners: 2(10), 4(5), 8(2) 14
Experts: 2(12), 4(6), 8(3) 14
Warriors: 2(13), 4(6), 8(3) 14

In addition, there are the following Level 1 commoners, apprentices and assistants:
Level 1 Commoners: 6115
Level 1 Warriors: 336
Level 1 Experts: 201
Level 1 Aristocrats: 34
Level 1 Adepts: 34

Good & Services:

Total Trades: 290
(Trades may be run by any of the following NPCs: Adepts, Commoners
, Experts depending on the type of Trade)





Spirekassle Map Small

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